Dean was born on 16th November 1961 in Salford, Lancashire. He attended St. Paul's primary school where he passed his "Eleven Plus" which allowed him to attend Stand Grammar school in Whitefield.

Dean was a Salford lad and was proud of his roots, a family orientated man he watched over his Mum, Bernice and his two brothers Neil and Anthony

When Dean left Stand Grammar school he began work at the Nat West Bank in Cheetham Hill.

Aged 22, he applied for and joined the Fire Service in September 1984.

As a dedicated member of the Fire Service Dean worked at several Fire Stations around the North West and at the Fire Training College in Manchester before being promoted to Station Commander, a position which allowed him to meet David Cameron and Prince Harry.

Dean served the Brigade for thirty years before his illness took a hold on him

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Dean was a wonderful competitor who hated losing, he was very fit and energetic playing football in midfield for Old Standians in Whitefield and The Commercial in Prestwich who he also played cricket for.

After the games he would love a beer with the lads, using his quick witted banter to add to his general "Tomfoolery" that he was known for.


Dean "Oggy" Ogden

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His best friend from school was Ray, always together they played football together and were "thick as thieves".

Ray introduced Dean to his wife, Helen through work.

Helen and Dean have three wonderful children together, Grace, Emily and Tom

Helen was his rock through his troubled times and has been a great support for the children.

Helen and the children have great memories of Dean that will stay with them forever.



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Dean was diagnosed with Myeloma in 2012 and finally lost his battle against cancer on April 5, 2016 aged 54.

A guard of honour was formed by Whitefield Fire Station Firefighters for his funeral.

Team Oggy are raising funds for Bury Cancer Support Centre where Dean received therapy during his illness.


...Dean's memory lives on through his family, friends and Team Oggy...


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